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Willkommen in der Shiatsupraxis Isabelle Widmer

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a treatment technique which derived from osteopathy.

It  is a complementary therapeutic application that stimulates the self-healing powers. With gentle touches, attempts are made to perceive and influence the rhythmic movements of the spinal fluid. 

Jaw balance 

Gua Sha

In the Far East, Gua Sha is mostly used as a first action against upcoming colds, but also for muscle tension and pain. Intensive rubbing with jade stone or a ceramic spoon will stimulate and increase the blood circulation, which can support healing.  



Yoga is a health practice which originated more than 3000 years ago in India. With physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation, it aims to increase physical and mental health. In a one-on-one lesson, we will put together a yoga routine that is tailored to your personal challenges and needs. 

Moxa/ moxibustion

The word moxibustion is composed of the Japanese word 'mogusa' (dried, finely grated leaves of mugwort) and the Latin word 'combustico' (to burn). In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), heated moxa is used to dejam scars, to have an intensive effect on acupuncture points or to stimulate chi (life energy). It came to Europe in the early 16th century and many therapists still work with the various forms of moxa today. 

Scar suppression

Inner and outer scars and scar tissue can have a disruptive effect on our entire system. An annoying scar can cause feelings of tension, muscle tension, circulatory disorders, nerve irritation, numbness and pain. The goal of scar suppression is to make the scars 'permeable', flexible and supple again, so the negative influences can be released. 

A lot of tension often builds up in our temporomandibular joints, which manifests itself in cramps, clenching teeth, grinding at night, headaches or joint pain. 

By gently loosening, the joint and the surrounding, muscles can relax.

The deep relaxation can spread not only to the jaw, but to the whole body.

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Kieferenstapnnung Behandlung
Moxa Behandlung
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Craniosacral Therapie
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