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Isabelle Widmer is more than just a talent. The combination of her knowledge and great compassion to my needs exeeded my expectations on this journey. Highly appreciate it - rare to find and very recommended! 

SJ, Therapist


The fact that my path has led to Isabelle is a great enrichment for me.

Trust and sensitivity are important themes in my life.

In Shiatsu I feel this security, I can relax and acknowledge my needs.

I consciously perceive myself during the treatment and enjoy the peaceful break,

For my body and mind.

I feel lovingly cared for and understood by Isabelle.

And I am very grateful to her for the moving support and the valuable exchange.

I appreciate and admire her strong yet gentle personality.

I look forward to the next meeting with confidence, anticipation and curiosity.


Francesca, fitness trainer



Dear Isabelle, I've been with you in Shiatsu for over 2 years now and I keep thinking: wow, you've found your heart's calling! You are my body whisperer to me. It is always fascinating to experience through your Shiatsu how strongly everything is connected and communicates with each other: body, mind and soul.  

Your loving and warm-hearted manner makes me feel comfortable and secure at all times, so I can completely relax and enjoy your treatment. Next to the  Relaxation, well-being and deep rest, it is always super exciting to hear what you tell me about my body, what it wants to tell me, how I can support it and how everything is connected. Deep and healing processes are triggered and I learn to understand myself and my connections better and better. Thanks!


Stefanie Siegentaler, Lehrerin 

Ich bin durch die Empfehlung einer Freundin auf Isabelle gestossen und fühle mich wirklich super wohl und gut aufgehoben bei ihr! Sie ist sehr kompetent, erfahren, sympathisch und ich fühle mich nach den Behandlungen immer tiefenentspant. Grosses Kompliment!

Stefanie O.

Wenn ich mir etwas Gutes tun will, gönne ich mir eine Shiatsu- Session bei Isabelle. Beim Gespräch vor der Behandlung lachen wir immer viel. Ich fühle mich verstanden und aufgehoben. Wenn wir dann auf den Futon gehen, kann ich richtig loslassen. Danach bin ich so richtig tiefenentspannt. Es tut sehr gut, einmal nichts machen zu müssen und einfach nur sein zu dürfen. 
Ich kann Isabelle von Herzen weiter empfehlen.


Isabelle Widmer ist sehr professionell und ich fühle mich stets wohl bei der Behandlung und schenkt mir jedesmal wieder neue Energie.

Chris S.

It is so beautiful,  like Isabelle makes it every time  think  To relax body and mind in a lasting and beneficial way... I'm with frequent  Headache and trouble sleeping to Isabelle  came. Since mine  After the first treatment, my symptoms improved noticeably. I'm excited!

Thank you dear Isabel

Bruno Paluch, computer scientist

During Shiatsu with you, everything around me stands still. It's all about me now, about my wishes, thoughts and feelings. I don't know of any comparable place where I can come to rest so quickly and safely. You are there for me with your full presence and use your skills with unsurpassable passion. Everything is authentic, direct and with a lot of heart.

Thank you for your commitment, your compassion and your wonderful sense of humor.  

Nadine, gardener

There are situations in life that need accompaniment, advice, support or maybe just (just) listening. I felt very comfortable with Isabelle from the very first moment and was able to let my feelings, thoughts and fears run free right from the start. In a time that was not very easy for me, thanks to Isabelle, I was able to find my way back to myself and release various blockages with just a few treatments. What I also really appreciate about Isabelle are the profound and loving conversations. It is clear to me that I can no longer imagine a future without Shiatsu (without Isabelle).

SW, Marketing Manager

Isabelle Widmer ist sehr kompetent und erfahren, zudem sehr mitfühlend und sympathisch. Kann ich wärmstens empfehlen!